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Vol. 246-3  September 20, 2021

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Everybody's Talking

Hot spot: In a town in the Outback of South Australia, people choose to live underground. The town of Coober Pedy is known for the mining of opal, but it is a very hot place to be. Many of the town's inhabitants find living underground to be a cooler alternative to the blazing sun on the surface, so they use old mines or dig new spots for underground houses. People can shop, visit a library, or stay at a hotel all underground. The treeless environment of the area has attracted moviemakers of such films as Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Red Planet, which were filmed there.

Lost and found: A Chinese family was overjoyed when their lost dog, Dou Dou, arrived on their doorstep after being missing for 26 days. The family had accidentally left Dou Dou behind at a petrol station when they were driving back to their home in Hangzhou after visiting relatives. The next day, they went back to the station, which is 60 kilometres from their home. With no sign of Dou Dou, the family could only hope that a kind person had rescued him. When the family pet reappeared, he was so skinny that they barely recognized him. But with loving care, they nursed him back to health.

Inside and out: A home in Novaya Razvodnaya, Russia, looks quite decidedly modern on the outside. But this house's exterior camouflages a surprising interior. On the outside, the five-bedroom home, with its two-car garage, swimming pool, and plate glass windows, appears to be a 21st-century structure. On the inside, however, visitors are greeted with dcor that seems to belong in a Baroque castle flowered carpets, chandeliers, gilded ceilings, ornate furniture, and wrought-iron railings. Any fan of the Baroque era will like this place.

Eyeful of art: Tal Peleg, an Israeli artist known as Scarlet Moon, loves to make eyes into works of art. She always enjoyed painting and drawing, and she studied makeup artistry and visual communications. With this education, she decided to use her talents to create mini art pieces in the space around her eyes. She succeeded and has completed many intricate works. Using makeup and tiny brushes, she'll turn her eyebrow into a cat's tail, showing the cat playing with a ball of yarn. Blue eye shadow might become a lake where ducks swim, or her eyelid might become the base of a princess's gown.

Quotable Quotes

Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them. ~ David Hume

Four be the things I am wiser to know: Idleness, sorrow, a friend, and a foe. ~ Dorothy Parker

What's Happening

Speak For Yourself Toastmasters Club. Ever wanted to practice speaking in front of others? Come and see what we're all about, and meet some awesome people! Upper Riccarton Library, 71 Main South Road Sockburn, 6.15pm-8pm on Tuesdays. 0273996535

Prebbleton Craft Group Craft Day, Every second Thursday 7-9pm, Prebbleton Cottage, Cnr Blakes & Springs Road, join us to create a variety of craft projects. 0212156164

My Walking Group A friendly group of singles aged 45+ who have fun & friendship by walking and biking. 03 323 6232

Tecorians a friendly club for people looking to gain confidence, stimulation or simply enjoy talking to interesting people. Meetings 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 7.30pm. Phone or text 021 395 587

Rolleston Toastmasters. Ever wanted to practice speaking in front of others? Come along and join our fun, friendly and most importantly SUPPORTIVE atmosphere. You are welcome to come along and just watch to see what we do, we won't pressure you to speak in front of everyone. The Mens Shed, 54 Dynes Road, Rolleston 6.15pm - 8.15pm. Every Monday.

Spark Jump provides low-cost internet to homes with children under 18 but no broadband connection. No credit checks or contracts. Contact on 962 7244 or book online at

Widow and Widowers Group. We welcome widowers and widows to join our group. We offer friendship and outings with monthly meetings. Ph Denise 322-7724, Carol 981-4125

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1. The Sargasso Sea is located in the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean?

2. In a litter of animals, what is the smallest of the litter called?

3. Silent Spring by Rachel Carson called attention to what hazardous materials?

4. What is the official currency of Rarotonga?

5. A prong on a pitchfork is called a tine, a spear, or a spade?

Your Weekly Horoscope

ariesAries (March 21 - April 20)
Your dedication to your profession could be very high. It may be meaningful and satisfying to you to recognise that you provide a valuable service to others. Lucky Numbers: 5, 8, 12, 13, 32, 35.
libraLibra (Sept 24 - Oct 23)
You may be articulate and ready for any challenge. You might really have to assert your own needs and desires to clearly communicate what you really want. Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22.
taurusTaurus (April 21- May 21)
You may engage in stimulating discussions about controversial topics. The tempo of your life may increase, so you should ensure you’re getting proper rest. Lucky Numbers: 6, 12, 30, 37, 38, 40.
scorpioScorpio (Oct 24- Nov 22)
A nonstop flow of communication may happen. You might choose to engage in informative discussions or fritter away your time with inconsequential chatter. Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 9, 11, 16, 19.
geminiGemini (May 22- June 21)
Your physical drive and energy level may be on the upswing. You could accomplish much fairly easily. Take the initiative and you may reap great rewards. Lucky Numbers: 7, 14, 16, 24, 32, 35.
sagittariusSagittarius (Nov23-Dec21)
Any endeavour that involves providing helpful information to others may occur. You could speak clearly and articulately about whatever it is that you believe in. Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 11, 16, 24, 31.
cancerCancer (June 22 - July 23)
You might find that you can effectively communicate idealistic or abstract ideas. You should be very clear about your plans and try to better understand others. Lucky Numbers: 7, 12, 13, 21, 32, 33.
capricornCapricorn (Dec 22- Jan 20)
You may want to take the initiative with positive, decisive direction on your part. You may want to be more sensitive to the needs of others and about making ground rules. Lucky Numbers: 4, 8, 12, 14, 18, 40.
leoLeo (July 24 - Aug 23)
Your vitality and courage may feel strong and you might be eager to meet challenges. Self-confidence feels high and you could accomplish a great deal of work. Lucky Numbers: 6, 10, 11, 12, 36, 39.
aquariusAquarius (Jan 21- Feb 19)
You may want to travel, especially to destinations you've never been to before. You might be exposed to new ideas and a very different way of looking at the world. Lucky Numbers: 6, 16, 23, 32, 33, 34.
virgoVirgo (Aug 24 - Sept 23)
Try not to be too insistent about your own opinion. You may be preoccupied with a mystery or an unsolved subject that someone wants to sweep under the carpet. Lucky Numbers: 4, 9, 13, 24, 36, 39.
piscesPisces (Feb 20 - March 20)
Your spiritual idealism, or desire to help, could be recognised by those who matter. You may be apt to attract those whose helplessness evokes your compassion. Lucky Numbers: 5, 10, 11, 15, 19, 35.
Lucky numbers for the week: Lucky numbers this week: This week's odds favour Sagittarius winners with the luckiest number being 1.

Did you know

Staying warm: Picasso, one of the most well-known artists of the 20th century, was so poor early in his career that he burned some of his paintings to stay warm in his Paris apartment.

Famous game: The game, Jenga, is the brainchild of Leslie Scott of England. Players of all ages attempt to remove wooden blocks from a rectangular tower, while hoping it doesn't collapse. Jenga was inducted into the US National Toy Hall of Fame in 2020.

Silly duel: In 1792, one of the first recorded duels between two women occurred in Hyde Park, London. Known in accounts as Lady Braddock and Mrs. Elphinstone, the women drew their pistols after Mrs. Elphinstone disparaged Lady Braddock regarding her age and looks.

Red dye: During the Second World War, women's clothing styles were increasingly available in variations of red. In the U.S., the War Production Board restricted the use of brown and green dyes because those were used for military uniforms.

Most offspring: John Tyler, who was president of the United States from 1841 to 1845, holds the distinction of being the president with the most children. He was married twice and had 15 children, eight with his first wife and seven with his second.

On the lighter side

Why can't a bicycle stand up? Because it's two tired.

Teenager: I'm so confused! Half the adults I know tell me to find myself. The other half tell me to get lost.

The accountant couldn't get to sleep, so he tried counting sheep. But then he made a mistake, and it took him all night to find it.

A will is a dead giveaway.

What do you get if you cross a pastry chef with a soft drink? Baking soda.


1. Atlantic 2. The runt 3. Pesticides 4. The New Zealand Dollar 5. A tine